What We Do

BLVD Hospitality is a full service real estate development, investment, and asset management firm based out of Downtown Los Angeles and Chicago. Focusing on hospitality, commercial, and residential, BLVD is one of the nation’s most innovative and diverse independent development companies, and a leader in our current generation’s hospitality renaissance. BLVD has been focusing its efforts as of late on underserved and overlooked markets, evident by its spearheading of Downtown Los Angeles’ Broadway redevelopment with the conversion of the United Artists Building and theater into a 182 key Ace Hotel.

BLVD places emphasis on unique conceptual vision, in-depth financial analysis, and extensive yet efficient feasibility studies. BLVD has a unique way of juxtaposing modern technology and timeless design elements in historically restored hotels, restaurants, bars, and buildings. With extensive experience in commercial, residential, and retail design and construction, BLVD is on its way to leaving a lasting imprint on the urban landscape.

Why we do it

The love of hospitality. The idea that a BLVD development can provide the perfect atmosphere for people to meet, interact, and create memories. BLVD has continually been inspired by a bygone era characterized by true attention to detail and honest guest interaction. BLVD believes in organic and natural growth, timeless design, and the beauty of social interaction. These founding principles are evident every day in BLVD projects, projected through passion and enthusiasm.

How we do it

At BLVD, the two driving principles are efficiency and transparency. Through years of experience navigating political landscape and real estate markets, BLVD has formulated an internal system of proposal and review that streamlines the development process and creates a more transparent project structure for all parties involved.

BLVD’s in-house development team works seamlessly internally and externally to maintain project integrity and to outpace projected milestone timelines. With a vast network of partners across every aspect of hospitality development and real estate, BLVD has built relationships that allow for efficient and controlled work environments day in and day out.


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